Classic Reviews

Outstanding service and repairs that are right first time!

Thanks much!

What I like about Overbeck is when I ask to have the car ready at a certain time, it is ready by that time. If it cannot be accomplished in the requested timeframe, they tell me. I really appreciate this. Other auto service places do not always do this.

If I wasn'[t happy I wouldn't be coming back every 3000 miles

Love my new 66 Mustang. Looks great and ride greats and runs great. I missed it and am gal to have it back. Please send me the link to the pictures that were taken.

Paul Wehner

you got the psrt rapidly and performed the work on time

Overall the service was outstanding. I did discover that there is a little interference with the pasenger side door and the front body panel. They rub against each other when opening the door. I don't expect you removed the tires but just in case you did, I noticed today while checking the brakes that the rear wheels are on the wrong side.

The PS Warning Light has come on about7 times the last couple weeks, since we had the Battery Pack replaced. What can we do to fix it? Thanks much! Joel 674-7422

The shop was very accommodating to my urgent need for a new battery. I was given a ride to my neighborhood, by one of the mechanics (super nice, educated and helpful), since I could not get one, last minute. The work was performed within a few hours, and I have not had a problem since. And the service manager was honest and told me my battery still had some life to it, and that it was my decision to replace it or not. For once, I did not feel taken advantage of by an auto shop!

One of the other mechanics was very friendly to me while I waited for my ride, as well. And the waiting area was clean and comfortable. Thank you, everyone!

Thanks for the excellent service. We will return!

Every time I bring my car to Overbeck, I am met at the desk by customer friendly people. All of your employees are customer friendly, professional, and go above and beyond their duties. You do more things to my car than the dealership performed. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phenomenal services! I would trust this team with any car and know that it will come back perfect and at a very fair price.

Thank you for the pleasant surprise that the bill was lower than the estimate.

Excellent, courteous service.

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!

Great people, very nice facility and did a great job as well

Thanks for checking the tires and fixing the slow leak.

Excellent service, very cordial people.

This team is the best service minded group I have come across!

Wonderful service every time I come! I recommend them to all of my friends and family in need of a good mechanic all the time.

thanks for the ride to work :)

A pleasure to do business with you as usual!

Great job. Hoping the front brake system is finally fixed.

Very accommodating and knowledge staff. I appreciate being able to speak directly with mechanics. 

Thank you. 

I was impressed with the Overbeck staff's professionalism, and I have a lot of confidence in their fairness to customers. 

I brought my 2002 VW Passat in for an inspection. I knew the vehicle had alternator, battery, and cooling system issues. This was confirmed and the cost to fix was also, as high as I was afraid it would be. So we stopped there and I donated the vehicle. I got an answer I could trust quickly for $57. 

Always friendly, professional, and quick service! 

Been coming to Overbeck's for about 3 years. Always a great experience; I left my dealer's service department because I wasn't sure if they were really fixing what they said they did and they could not seem to have the car ready when I wanted it. That isn't the case with Overbeck's! I brought a friend with me this time for an oil change. She will most likely return.


After waiting all day for the right part to fix a squeak in the front suspension, the squeak came back the next day...

awesome job!

Excellent work, as always.

I thought I would find the problem to my car but unfortunately I did not. As soon as I drove it off the lot the engine light came on. The group was honest, negotiated the cost and offered a service with my oil changes to hopefully catch anything before the cars engine would become damaged. I will bring it back to them for the oil changes for this reason. 3 months ago

A high tech garage that also beautifully serviced my '58 mga! Highly recommended!!!

Warranty work inexplicably charged for while requested new work was omitted. , apparently "forgotten ". While refund was belatedly forthcoming , my trust is this outfit has been lost since change of management/ ownership.This " new" company ( keeping the (old" name, has yet to evidence itself as worthy of patronage since Steve sold his managing interest less than a year ago. This used to be a stellar organization but radical internal changes has left even a once superb "service manager" more interested in personal life than the automobile repair concerns of this established customer. I have moved find a new mechanic that earns my trust with quality service.( .

Definitely know their stuff. I went in for work on my hybrid, and feel like I have someone on my side, which I don't have when dealing with Honda.

The friction of a paperclip wedge seems to be enough to hold the CD player door!

Service is professional, detailed and complete. Rare instances of reworks are completed quickly.

I've always had excellent service from Overbeck. VERY friendly staff, convenient scheduling, nice waiting area, extremely knowledgeable about Prius hybrid. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in supporting a local family-owned business.

Very good, fast service.

My car receives excellent service from your company. All employees are customer friendly and willing to answer an question. Your rating is EXCELLENT and I would definitely refer you to a friend.

This last visit was very fast. Much appreciated. Over beck always does good work.

SUV repaired as promised at a fair price.

great as always

You got me out of a pinch and back on the road in little time

As always, the work and the experience are great. That's why I keep coming back.


Very happy with your service.

I have been very happy to support a local family-owned business rather than the corporate dealership for my Prius. Everyone at Overbeck Auto Services is friendly, professional, and knowledgable. They have been great to work with each time my care has needed service.

Couldn't be happier. Matt worked hard for us and I really appreciate that.

Awesome service. I have recommeded you all. It is the way service should be. You care. Thank you.

I know Ann was out that morning and things were busy...but I missed the great music that is usually playing while I was waiting. Thanks for fitting my job in. :)

We are always treated like family. Their service is always personal, thorough, and very professional. They take the time to answer all of our questions and generally go beyond what is expected.

As always, well satisfied with the work done on my care. David even came out when I picked up the car and showed me the worn brakes and explained how brakes wear down. He also explained a few other things about what he did. I found it enlightening and very surprised he took the time to do this. Both Ann & Debbie are very helpful and customer friendly.

Reliable service as usual.

Excellent care, friendly staff and nice surroundings while you're waiting on your car.

Great service. Always trustworthy.

I love the way everything is so thoroughly explained!

The two people I spoke with were pretty cool. I could have had only one front wheel bearing replaced but they made a good argument about getting both of them replaced. At no time did I feel pressure to get both replaced - it was a decision I made, but they're the ones that suggested it. I'm glad they did. The only reason Overbeck doesn't get 5 stars from me is because my windshield wiper fluid wasn't filled up. 5 star shops top the fluids, 4 star shops do their best, in a reasonable time, and with excellent parts and service. Overbeck is a solid 4-star shop The ONLY reason I didn't give 5 stars was because of the wiper fluid - Overbeck is a good shop and I'm a picky bastard ;)

Great service.

Matt was very knowledgeable and explained the results of the test.

Great service for a fair price.

Thanks for keeping my 2000 Prius running like a champ.

Really appreciated that the cost of the catalytic converter was significantly lower than what it would have cost at the dealer's. Also appreciated being able to use the loaner car, as Overbeck's is far from my house and friends (who I might normally ask for a ride), but it's close to where I work. : )

Great work at a reasonable cost on my minivan.

Thanks for taking care of us and our cars.

They take care of your car like it was their own. Great service.

Overbeck does a great job. Being an older, single woman with little knowledge of cars, I know I can feel safe bringing my car here. They take the time to explain things & don't take advantage of me. When I asked if my windshield wipers should be changed, they said they're fine & applied Rain-X which made the wipers work better than ever. No charge for the Rain-X treatment.

I love this shop and not only because it is the cleanest auto repair shop I've ever been in. These peopl really know what they are doing. I've been coming here for a while and I know I can count on reliability and honesty. Plus their customer service is excellent - always friendly and helpful!

The Yukon is in Colorado this week hauling a big trailer, my son and grandson. Thanks for prompt, good ervice.

Thank you.

I recommend you all the time as the best auto service place in Cincinnati.

Great job and loved the front office person!

Every time I call, I can come that day for my "problem". All service personnel are friendly and customer friendly. They take the time to explain what was wrong, and how it was corrected. One does not get this service from a dealer- ship. I will never go back to the dealership.

Quick service. Excellent value.

Great experience If you ever want to go up to the car auction either in Cincinnati area or Columbus just call Again thank you

I would definitely recommend you.

Time will tell on the front rotors, but so far things are good. Thanks.

We never worry about our vehicles when we drop them off for service. You are always honest. You have high standards of excellence and that is reflected in your service.

Great job.

From the initial contact, I felt very comfortable working with your company. Everything was explained clearly, work was done as promised, the shop was clean and the people were friendly.

excellent and honest;would not take my car anywhere else for service

Thank you soso much. You really saved us.

The team was professional and thorough. This was my first experience with Overbeck and they have earned my business in the future.

Sorry that it took me so long to find this great repair shop but I am passing on the good news to all my family & friends!!!

Overbeck Auto always does a great job ... thanks much.

I keep coming to Matt and his company because he is honest, very knowledgable, and easy to work with. His personal service is impeccable. He isn't constrained by the "service representative" style mandated by dealership bean-counters. I hope he is in business for the haul long. It's great to have such a place to go when I need help.

Keep up the great work !

I'm very happy with your service. I would bring my car again. I would rate your service 5 stars, but the work did seem to drag on while I was there, maybe longer than necessary. Regardless, I was pleased. As I said, I would recommended full promotion of your "Cincinnati Hybrid" brand name.

I am very happy with my service! My car drives great now!

Matt Overbeck was incredibly helpful and patient! He gave me great feedback and walked me through all the aspects of my maintenance issues and what was the best course of action. Debbie at the front was also very informative and flexible in helping me arrange for an appointment. I had a great experience in a VERY short amount of time and I would certainly come back!

I heard people say they were sorry that they went anywhere else...I was similarly impressed.

I really appreciated the prompt communication about what was needed on the car and the assistance getting us back and forth to drop it off was extremely helpful. Everyone we interacted with was very friendly! Thank you.

As with every other visit we've made to Cincinnati Hybrid, we were delighted with our recent service. The work you did was quite simple. I probably could have had it done in a neighborhood shop. But the answers you gave us to some much more complex questions - answers that DIDN'T result in more work (yet) - would have been tough to come by at a less-informed shop. The fact that you don't cringe when I walk in with my 3-year-old son makes you even more appealing. Thanks for everything. We'll be back.

In fact, I did recommend you to two friends f mine just this evening. They said they would give you a try when they have the next problem with their cars. It's great to find good and reliable people who still believe in the word 'service', and do it right. Thank you!

They listened to me, my concerns, and my research findings and I couldn't be happier with the results !! Thanks Overbecks!

Overbeck creatively worked through unusual challenges, patiently, professionally and successfully.

Have switched from Toyota Service to Overbeck in the last 2 years. Overbeck makes me feel better about owning a 13 year old car because they take the time to check it over completely and tell me what may need to be done to keep it running smoothly. I am due for a new one and I will likely bring it to Overbeck for service instead of dealership services. I just feel more confident in what I am told at Overbeck.

Great work and saved me money by telling me that I didn't need to do work that a dealer had recommended I have performed. I appreciate Overbeck's honesty.

Fabulous, Matt. If there is anything we can do to help your Mom and Dad, please don't hesitate to let us know.

I've been beyond impressed with Overbeck Auto Services. I really appreciate Matt going over everything after the service and explaining what they did and why they did it with the actual parts from our car. I don't have to take his word for. I can see for myself. "Honesty's the best policy," but with some untrustworthy mechanics out there, customers have the right to be skeptical. With Overbeck, there's no smoke and mirrors. Everything is completely transparent. Beyond feeling confident I'm receiving the services I need (and not more), I feel that Overbeck values my business. From a snail-mail thank you card to experience follow-up, they show that they care about providing top-notch service. Thank you, Overbeck!

Overbeck's was a life saver, as a young single woman getting a repair has been a challange. At Overbeck everyone was knowledgeable, caring, and walked me through the repairs. I also appreciate have the chance to see the part removed and replaced from my car. I have been telling everyone about the service and I plan to go back when I need major work done. Thanks for the Love, Maxxi is rolling a lot better now.

best car repair service I've ever dealt with

You found the real source of our problem; fixed it plus what the dealer found and saved us at least $200! We're fans of Overbeck's and your p.r. doggie BJ

Great people !

Great service !

After calling a few car repair places about my suspension issue and ending up with poor customer service, I called Matt Overbeck and he got my suspension issue fixed quickly and done right.

My experience has always been great and I'm happy to know your family. Keep up the good work

Best auto repair experience EVER, letters that are found in the word "sERVicE.

Knowledgeable & service oriented at a very fair price! HIGHLY recommended.

Unbelievable service, friendly staff willing to go the extra mile, and most importantly they do things the right way. Best mechanic in the tristate.

My father gave me this car for high school graduation over 35yrs. ago, so it means a lot to me. When they worked on my car they treated it like it was their own. When ever I need ant thing dine I will take it there. Proud owner of a 1968 Ford XL Convertible.

I can count on Overbeck auto services to give me the best service in town. A first class business!

Great shop clean and friendly. They do it right the first time. And a super dog to hang out with if you wait on your car.

Great service! Matt and his team know their hybrids and they really take the time to explain what's going on with my car. I'm really impressed with their service.

Great work, as always!

Great service and great people. Really took time to explain/show me what they did and why.

I was referred to Overbeck last year by another customer. Wow, what a great recommendation. I have since returned for the oil change that checks out many things on my car. My Avalon is 13 years old and even if I buy a new car, I plan to use Overbeck for my service needs. Trust is the primary reason I will be back.

I am happy with the service I received.

I love working with you guys

Honest, efficient, and fair.

I had excellent friendly service and would recommend your company to others.

appointment time is easy to arrange and work is done in a rapid manner to my satisfaction so I keep coming back

Very professional & attentive - I was actually referred to them by another shop b/c the job at hand exceeded the initial mechanic's capabilities. Work was performed quickly & I received concise communication throughout. I even took my antique Mercedes to them later & they diagnosed / fixed some things needed as well. They even referred me to a body shop when my wife hit a tire on rte 75 that did great work as well! I would not hesitate to refer friends (and already have).

I have spent years trying to find a place I can trust and believe me I have come across some real shady places. I have only been to Overbeck's once so far but Matt made me feel very comfortable and communicated with me honestly. I know enough to know when I'm being played and the whole organization seems genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. I have finally found a place I trust and they will get ALL my business from here on out.

This is the place to go for anyone who isn't very savvy about their car, but wants to learn. The Overbecks take the time to explain things clearly & patiently. When I asked Matt about changing my windshield wipers because they didn't work well in light rain, he checked my wipers & recommended just putting Rain-X on my windshield. This has worked really great. I couldn't believe the difference. Thanks, Matt!

As a middle-aged female, I feel very secure about bringing my car to the Overbecks & trust them to be more than fair. It's one less thing to worry about.

I've been very pleased with my experiences at Overbeck. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Matt is very knowledgeable about the Prius hybrid. Prices are competetive. Very nice waiting area. I much prefer to support a family-owned local business rather than dealership.

we appreciate dealing with a small family business that is not only great in their auto work and service, but that also are so pleasant with whom to do business

Excellent car care and customer service.

My Toyota finaly died after 10 years and 157,00 miles.I took it to my Toyota dealer and it was going to cost a consider amount of money. I did not want spend that much as that would be more than the car would bring on the open market. I researched the internet and found Overbecks,75 miles away. I had my car towed and they replaced the hybrid battery at half the cost. The workmanship was great.The car runs better than new and my mpg is better than when new. The whole crew treated me and my wife as family. Isure wish they were closer to my hone as I would have all my service work done there.Great to know there is another place for Hybrid battery work with the same guarntee as the dealers.Great work Matt and the crew. I can't Thank you enough.

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